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You’re Ugly!

24 Jun

You're Ugly!Beautiful People is a dating site for ONLY beautiful men and women. People that desire to become members are in the hands of existing beautiful members who are judging, rating and deciding whether or not to let you into their dating community. What a shitty great idea this is!

When you sign up for this site you’re pretty much joining the snooty world of LA social life, where everyone is worried about what everyone else looks like and is more concerned with whispering your flaws to their friends rather than being your friend. Sad, funny and true.

Last month an ex-employee of the website uploaded the “Shrek” virus causing 30,000 of new members to be deemed ‘Ugly’ and terminated from the site. The virus also denied new members wanting to join, giving them a ‘You Too Ugly’ complex.

Beautiful People had to spend over $100,000 in refunds with apology emails explaining what really happened. The site also offered a counseling program to ensure the already insecure members that they are not ugly. LOL!

“We have to stick to our founding principles of only accepting beautiful people — that’s what our members have paid for, we can’t just sweep 30,000 ugly people under the carpet.”‘s Greg Hodge said during his interview about the hiccup.

They had this coming. Too much pride and personal feelings are involved. People that want to join a site that is run this way are most likely cocky and arrogant. So why not upload a virus telling them they are ugly! Genius.

P.S. Red Flag Minor (not ugly) will be a member by the time you read this. Yay!

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