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Your friends are RED FLAGS… and so are YOU.

31 Jan

If your friends are Red Flags… then so are YOU.

Yep! Sorry.

Meeting your mate’s friends will tell you a lot about them.  You can learn of his/her hobbies, what they like to do for fun, where they hangout/go out.  You will also see which Red Flags they share with their friends.

It’s wise to spend some quality time together, as a group; for you can find out how they treat you and how your partner acts around them. Do they act or talk different when friends are around?  Do they treat you different? Do they try to show off? Do they get competitive? Sportsmanship will definitely reveal itself through games played with friends. Are they a poor loser, cheater or a cry baby?

Getting involved with the people he/she finds comfort in is really a true test for your mate.  Typically, the friends have known this person longer than you have, they will already be aware of many of their personality traits and they will detect any bullshit in their personality and should call them out on it…this is a Green Flag; a positive. This will tell you that he/she surrounds themselves with good and caring peeps that have good intentions and are real. Your mate shows good character when all his/her closest friends are open to meeting you and treat you well.

On the other hand, you may be able to spot many Red Flags in your mate if their friends are Red Flags or if your partner takes on Red Flag behaviors when they are around their friends.  You may find yourself in a Red Flag parade if you notice behaviors, such as the ones listed below, in your mate and his/her pals…

#1. After spending the weekend with your mate and their friends, you truly believe that they have a sickness that can only be described as, “The Sickness!”… Red Flag.

#2. Your guy and his friends set aside “Halo” days and don’t leave the TV, period…  Red Flag.

#3. Guys night out includes a 750 of vodka and a strip club…Red Flag.

#4. Girls night out includes a 750 of vodka and a strip club…Red Flag.

#5. Your guy and his friends could make scrapbooks full of dick and ball pictures from the thousands of times they’ve tea bagged each other…Red Flag.

#6. Your girl has a scrapbook of her and her girlfriends making out at every club they go to…Red Flag.

#7. Any given outing results in some sort of fist fight or drama…Red Flag.

#8. Your girlfriend runs around with a notorious group of “slut puppies” who all  supposedly have boyfriends of their own…Red Flag.

#9. Your partner has, at one point, “dated” several members of their friend group…Red Flag.

#10. Your partner and their friends “Fist Pump” at least one song when you go out…Red Flag…. (unless its this…)

Please be aware that if you and your friends engage in any of the above listed activities or any equally as obnoxious, YOU are a Red Flag…  YA FEELS ME ??

Love yallz…


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