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You Got Me So Hypnotized

27 Jun

As if strip clubs weren’t already enough of a mind fuck, the strippers at Cleopatra’s Lounge in Huddersfield England are literally hypnotizing customers to stay longer and spend more money. Wow!

Stripper ‘Sabrina’, 25, said, “I never say never to learning anything.” So why not learn computer skills or something stripper, and stop using your Red Flag life style to get paper? Sure the money is (was) good, but what happens when that tight butt and those perky boobies finally give in to gravity and no matter how many roofies you slip the customers at work, they just aren’t into grandma on the pole?

Here’s a thought, if you can’t naturally hypnotize a man into spending money by being a good stripper, then maybe it’s time to hang those 5 inch clear pumps and rethink your career.

Next time you find yourself paying for blue balls, and burning cash, remember, it may not have been in your complete control.

Stay safe.

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