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Why Do Assholes Finish First?

14 Jul

A simple question… Not such a simple answer.

At some point in almost every woman’s life, she will allow a man into her heart, and this decision will nearly destroy her. Truth be told, this man never really deserved her in the first place, and she had to find that out the hard way. She may have felt that man was her soul mate and was blinded by love. Or perhaps she thought it was as good as it gets and she settled just to have someone to love. Regardless of the reason, a relationship that wasn’t meant to be will usually end in heartbreak.

Unfortunately for us nice guys, a lot of women use the wrong defense tactics after they’ve been hurt by the previous dude. They go into attack mode, thinking that as long as they keep their guard up, no one will be able to get close enough to hurt them again. Besides acting like total betches, all they are doing is pushing away good men that are willing to treat them well, and instead inviting more assholes to come into their life and break them down further.

They don’t realize it but they are in a weak state of being and all their feelings and actions aren’t coming from their strength and the respect they have for themselves, but rather the fear and insecurities they are dealing with after their breakups.

Ladies, I’m sure most of you realize that some men aren’t out there looking for love and are just looking for women to get with and to play them like chess. These guys can smell your weakness from a mile away, it’s like a 6th sense, and once they spot it, they make their move…and once they’re in, they’ve got the power. They have you until they get bored and do eventually move on, but in the end you are left broken down and hurt, while they go after their next victim.

The result is now these women will end up storing all of this pain to build a wall to hide behind and throw stones at any man that approaches. Instead, (philosophy alert) they need to use these stones to build themselves a pedestal to stand on and let everyone who tries to come near them know that they demand respect and to be treated right.

In doing so they will scare off the douche bags who know it wouldn’t take much work to come in, use them, and break them down. Instead, they will attract men who are serious and want a woman who knows what she wants, what she is worth and who demands a man that will treat her right.

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