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Numerous Unpaid Parking Tickets… Red Flag!

31 Jan

I never thought that I would see this Red Flag more than once or even enough to make the All Time Top Ten List. Sure as shit, I have encountered this several times.

I’m sorry to say girls, this is all you! I truly can’t comprehend it. When good old car registration is due and you owe $300 or more in unpaid parking tickets, or your car is always being impounded/towed… Red Flag. This Red Flag reflects lack of responsibility as well as lazy ignorance… not to mention poor financial decision making.

This Red Flag can cause so many problems in a relationship. It really is amazing how much strain this can put on a couple.

Love yallz…


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3 Responses to “Numerous Unpaid Parking Tickets… Red Flag!”

  1. BeachGirl 02/26/2011 at 7:43 PM #

    hi… well in defence of all girls living near the beach(since us girls seem to only get parking ticks?)beach city parking is all metered and parking in general is always a hassle. isnt it just part of the deal? you live near the beach you get ticks?
    most all people in apartments pay for parking spaces monthly.
    i do agree tho, you need to just pay them off to avoid this red flag.

    cool site! BG

  2. Anonymous 04/05/2011 at 7:14 PM #

    $300 in parking tickets? that’s like 2 parking tickets, ha.


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