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Unique To My Generation

9 Jan

Guest post from one of our favorite fans! More than that she is our friend. Enjoy!

Unique to my generation, I don’t really watch much TV. It’s not because I’m involved with some hipster movement or part of an elite club who discusses the detriment of television negatively impacting our youth, it’s actually quite less of a glamorous tale. I like to think television and I just never crossed paths, and by the time we met I was already in love with it’s much older and richer brother, Cinema.

However, one thing I’ve noticed is that most times when I do turn on the television, Kim Kardashian is on. I’m not kidding, Kim’s Royal Wedding, Kim goes to NY, Kim on Ellen, Kim on Tyra. That girl is everywhere! I once turned on Ghost Adventures, okayyy, obviously lying, but do we get it?

Oddly enough, KK is not my point per-se, Kim K may be as inundated as a Katira mask by Philip B, but I’ve noticed people feel the need to be just like her. Suddenly I’m receiving updates of what people are having for breakfast, pictures ensued, then a video blog of the entire event in hopes of signing a deal for a reality show. I know more about my Facebook friends than my own parents, and that is a shame.

We have to keep a little mystery about ourselves. By the time I get home after meeting a new friend in an older social circle, we’re already facebook friends. By the time I view their profile, I already know 25 deeply insightful facts posted in their notes section. The good news is, I’m just as guilty. Suddenly people are blogging, tweeting, instagraming everything. I cannot remember the day that I shared something with a friend before Facebook.

Why Kim Kardashian? She is the guru of this movement, she built her image based on saturation in the media, and because of that, she’s a complete sell out of her own personal life. This is not jealousy speaking, but she can’t even change her last name in fear that it will hurt her brand. Brand recognition over eternal love? Such sadness.

I realized that I’m no different, I was compelled enough to blog about this, perhaps update my facebook after, and then tweet what I think didn’t cut for my facebook status and then leave the house only to check in to my next destination on foursquare. I’m not saying I’m better, I’m just bringing it to the table.

One of my favorite movies Serendipity wouldn’t work in modern society, two people meet and by the chance of fate, were able to find their happy ever after after years of searching for one another. If the movie was set in 2011, they’d be Facebook friends by the time their encounter was over. Don’t you see, we’re losing it to the KK syndrome of our generation, and it’s a simple fix.

Here are the rules I live by, yet I encourage you to find your own happy medium:

1. Live your life, and not by your status update. It’s okay to not be doing something cool when everyone else is, and it’s also okay to be doing something REALLY cool without telling your closest 5,000 “friends” about it.

2. It’s okay to like something without clicking a button confirming you do.

3. It’s okay to not be perfect, or to not look good in every picture. Stop untagging yourself, or maybe stop caring so much.

4. I know people hate the whole kid/pet thing, but my dog does the cutest effing things so I won’t make this a rule, but some people may want to consider toning it down.

5. Don’t talk about relationship drama, ever. It’s not very classy, and believe me I’ve had my share of moments where I wanted to blast someone but I took the high road and put a fake ad on Craigslist in the M4M section.

6. Last, and most importantly, don’t approve every friend request. Imagine you’re an amazing, gorgeous, and talented person (wait, you ARE!) so in that case, be exclusive. There’s no need to be friends with every person you shared a conversation with, and it blows my mind that people will add their boss, teacher, cousin, grandmother, HR department manager and then proceed to post pictures of a night out with Lindsay Lohan.

I consider social media to be a tool where you can have one conversation in front of every person you know, if you don’t keep #6 in mind, this will only get you in trouble, #fact.

Although I hated on Facebook, let me admit it is a wonderful gathering of things, but keep your friends and family close and use it as a tool to stay connected and share the news you can’t hold back but keep the secrets that make you worth getting to know. You’ll thank me. I just made a personal promise to keep my facebook page boring, so not only will I lose interest, but perhaps other people will too.

…and just remember, no one REALLY likes KK.

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