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This Guy is Having A Red Flag Week!

26 Apr

Ok, so this was submitted this week by a loyal reader…a few dating Red Flags in here, and just lots of Red Flags in general! Enjoy:

“Hello Minor! Great site, love it! I had somewhat of an interesting last 7 days and wanted to share them… Hope you like! There should be a few red flags in here LOL…

Last Tuesday I worked from 5am to 5pm and then went out to a club with this girl I’ve been kinda seeing for a few weeks now. We drank Tequila then Vodka, danced on tables, then ate tacos at 3am. We made out on a street corner before I drove home. A few dating red flags??? I think so.

Around 4am I just walk into my apartment, my alarm goes off for work. Nice! Got ready for work and went to work. Still no sleep as I combined Tuesday with Wednesday. New record for myself 36 hours straight with no sleep. Eh, who needs sleep right? Anyways, Im a walking zombie. FML. Whatever day is next I fall asleep around 530pm. Wake up at 4am. Go back to work.

On Friday I work again, 5am to 5pm, and then proceed to go out to my friends bday party and Im drinking again. Red flag? I woke up on sat at 8am and drove to visit friends in the OC. Partied all day and into the night. I end up hooking up with another girl. We are all over each other. Her huge boob is teasing me all night. We’re making out and rolling all over the grass lawn into the morning. I am so hammered. We find a pretty hidden spot underneath a tree away from the party. We do it…lol… And yes, i fuck on the first date. Red Flag. Then we cuddled and watched the sun come up. Still no sleep, still not sober. Oh and no shower! Red Flag?

That morning I head back to the hotel I was staying at. I grab a drink and hit the pool. Start it up again….the party doesnt stop. Go hard partying all day again. FML.

Sunday night I leave. I drive, not safe. I think I’m sleep driving. I’m home in record time! While I still have had ZERO SLEEEP since Friday night. Red Flag? I’m home and in bed at 11pm. 40 hours awake! I just beat my record from Tues! Yes!!!!!

Monday was a waste at work for I’m a complete zombie. Don’t really remember it. I now come to a week later… Tues I felt like shit still, I decide to take some addy to keep myself worth a shit at work. Well, well, well I couldn’t sleep on weds night from the aderol. So I decide to drive to work at 2am and sleep in my car for 3 hrs. Then I walked into work at 5am and continue my life as a zombie. How about that for a Red flag filled week? I had to share this with redflag101! LOL”

Wow! I counted atleast 7 Red Flags in there…Thanks for sharing! Haha

And remember if YOU have any red flags to share, please SUBMIT THEM HERE!


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