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Tag Archives: whats a red flag

Unique To My Generation

9 Jan

Guest post from one of our favorite fans! More than that she is our friend. Enjoy!

Unique to my generation, I don’t really watch much TV. It’s not because I’m involved with some hipster movement or part of an elite club who discusses the detriment of television negatively impacting our youth, it’s actually quite less of a glamorous tale. I like to think television and I just never crossed paths, and by the time we met I was already in love with it’s much older and richer brother, Cinema.

Submit Red Flag Tweets!

24 Sep

Time to call out those #RedFlagTweets!

I want YOU to join our Red Flag Army and help us Red Flag those tweets that make you go…

In return you get an instant followback from me and others as the Red Flag Army grows!

I will add you to my Red Flag Tweets list to easily view the best of the best collection from the Red Flag Army!

Here’s what you do:

1. As soon as you stumble upon #RedFlagTweets, tweet them to me @redflag101…use hashtag #RedFlagTweets


2. You can also DM it to me @redflag101 if you want to remain anonymous

You Got Me So Hypnotized

27 Jun

As if strip clubs weren’t already enough of a mind fuck, the strippers at Cleopatra’s Lounge in Huddersfield England are literally hypnotizing customers to stay longer and spend more money. Wow!

Stripper ‘Sabrina’, 25, said, “I never say never to learning anything.” So why not learn computer skills or something stripper, and stop using your Red Flag life style to get paper? Sure the money is (was) good, but what happens when that tight butt and those perky boobies finally give in to gravity and no matter how many roofies you slip the customers at work, they just aren’t into grandma on the pole?

Spotting The Red Flags In A New Relationship

12 Feb

So you finally decided to go exclusive?  It’s been such a magical journey so far. Well before you get too attached… absorb this info. You’re not quite ready for a serious relationship if the butterflies are still flying in your belly, so don’t let that tickle make the decisions for you. Here are some Red Flags to consider:

#1. If your mate farts in front of you and it’s only been a month or less… Red Flag. The rule is NO farting unless its been at least 4 to 6 months… if ever. I mean, unless that’s your thing, but that is another Red Flag all together. Personally, I’m not really down for ass music contests with my supposedly classy lady.

The How NOT to Party Guide… Red Flags in the Club!

10 Feb

Every week comes to an end, and when the weekend starts… the Red Flags come out! Best place to find them? Out and about, In the Club. I dont know about you, but my Friday nights, Saturday nights, even Sunday funDAYs/nights are filled with Red Flag adventures. Here’s a quick few Red Flag scenarios for you to digest…

#1. Taking your shirt off in the club. Raise your left hand if you’ve ever experienced this! I know I have.  Everyone is dancing… Everyone is having a great time… His favorite song comes on… aaand whoooosh his shirt vanishes like virginity on prom night. He begins singing, jumping, and twirling his shirt over his head. NOW its a PARTY!!! Right? Right??? WRONG. No ones wants to see this mess… Red Flag.