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What Girls Think About During Sex

7 Dec

Hey, why not?! We got such good response when we shared Jenna Marbles video, What Guys Think About During Sex, that we decided to share Jenna’s girl version!

Dammit this is funny! One major thing I noticed is that not once did Jenna’s ‘girl thoughts’ include any enjoyment? Apparently only dudes have all the fun? Typical girls, even when doing the horizontal hustle, they’re thinking about shopping and food!

When girls can never stop thinking about shoes, purses, and why guys faces are so creepy, they will never enjoy getting (or giving) the business. So why wear the “fuck me” pumps if you don’t care about the “fuck me” part? Hmmm…

What Guys Think About During Sex

3 Dec

Funny and true! Jenna Marbles really hits the nail on the head in this video. It’s just way too obvious what guys think about when in the sin bin. It’s definitely all in the face. What seems a Red Flag to some is just a turn-on to another…whatever floats your boat!

What Red Flags sex stories do you have?