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Unique To My Generation

9 Jan

Guest post from one of our favorite fans! More than that she is our friend. Enjoy!

Unique to my generation, I don’t really watch much TV. It’s not because I’m involved with some hipster movement or part of an elite club who discusses the detriment of television negatively impacting our youth, it’s actually quite less of a glamorous tale. I like to think television and I just never crossed paths, and by the time we met I was already in love with it’s much older and richer brother, Cinema.

Red Flag: The Poorly Conceived Facebook Bathroom Mirror Shot

25 Nov

John Walters is a writer, blogger and contributor to

If there is one photo that represents Facebook, it is the image of a person photographing him or herself in a bathroom mirror with a cellphone. Vanity, absurdity, clumsy improvisation, enthusiastic self-promotion…this one act combines all of the themes appropriate to a website dedicated to helping amateurs carve out their own little corner of the Internet.

Since we’re all guilty of these impulses; let’s not waste time with condescension when we could be improving our profiles. Here are the dos and don’ts of lavatory Facebook (or online dating sites) cellphone photography.

Love You. Mean It.

20 Sep

crying girlfriend
Saying “I love you” too soon (and too often) is a Red Flag.

So let’s say you and your new boyfriend or girlfriend are in for the night and having a great time. You’re sipping some wine and laughing it up while digesting some tasty food you claim to cook all the time (really it’s just a recipe you found earlier on the internet). Things are flowing effortlessly and it’s only a matter of time before you hit the sheets, when all of a sudden your boo who you’ve only been dating for about a month or so, drops the bomb:

More Facebook Romance Fail

13 Sep

Face palm
How about being bamboozled by your date into helping them commit a crime? Romantic right?

That’s what happened to Leah Gibbs who began her night out as a giddy young 23-year-old, and ended it as a getaway driver. You can read the full story HERE, but here it is in a nutshell…

Leah, and Adam Minson, 21, struck up a romance via Facebook messaging. Red Flag #1. Eventually they decided it was time to take their relationship to the next level and meet in person. In order to take this big first step, the two planned to spend the evening watching a movie together. I wonder what movie…

The BEST of RedFlag101 (so far…)

13 Sep

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