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Tag Archives: define red flag

Unique To My Generation

9 Jan

Guest post from one of our favorite fans! More than that she is our friend. Enjoy!

Unique to my generation, I don’t really watch much TV. It’s not because I’m involved with some hipster movement or part of an elite club who discusses the detriment of television negatively impacting our youth, it’s actually quite less of a glamorous tale. I like to think television and I just never crossed paths, and by the time we met I was already in love with it’s much older and richer brother, Cinema.

Me Love You Long Time For iPhone

7 Jul

Ok it’s official! Apple is taking over the world! Teenage girls in China are allegedly offering their virginity in exchange for iPhones!

Wow! Please, for their sake and ours, nobody tell them how awesome the new iPad is.

Apparently a girl in China placed an ad online, going the whole nine yards; with pictures, personal information, and a statement claiming that it is her “dream to own an iPhone but my father won’t let me get one.”

First of all, what kind of dream is that? Talk about short-sighted materialism. If you’re going to dream of material things, at least dream big. How about a Lambo? Or a 150-foot yacht?

Girlfriend Slices Boyfriend’s Balls

16 Jun

They say couples should never go to bed fighting, and this guy is proof. You might wake up thinking you peed the bed only to find out that your sac was attacked…with a knife!

This is how it went down. Apparently our Red Flag Award Winner this week, Jennifer Kolone, was not happy with how their fight ended the night before and took action into what needed to be done in order for her to feel better. She thought to herself the only way to make this right was to etch a ‘W’ into her man’s balls.

Boyfriend Buys Billboard To Humiliate Girlfriend

8 Jun

And the Red Flag Of The Week Award goes to… This guy!

Greg Fultz of New Mexico bought a billboard with a photograph of himself holding the outline of a baby. The billboard reads;

“This Would Have Been a Picture Of My 2-Month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To NOT KILL Our Child!”

Hmmm, it gets better. The semi-amazing part about this story is that Red Flag Greg had no idea whether the ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy ended because of an abortion or a miscarriage! He says he doesn’t care either way. You mean not only did he humiliate a person he loved at some point about such a sensitive subject as abortion, but he’s not even sure she did in fact abort it and not lose it to natural causes!? Well, fuck me sideways!

The How NOT to Party Guide… Red Flags in the Club!

10 Feb

Every week comes to an end, and when the weekend starts… the Red Flags come out! Best place to find them? Out and about, In the Club. I dont know about you, but my Friday nights, Saturday nights, even Sunday funDAYs/nights are filled with Red Flag adventures. Here’s a quick few Red Flag scenarios for you to digest…

#1. Taking your shirt off in the club. Raise your left hand if you’ve ever experienced this! I know I have.  Everyone is dancing… Everyone is having a great time… His favorite song comes on… aaand whoooosh his shirt vanishes like virginity on prom night. He begins singing, jumping, and twirling his shirt over his head. NOW its a PARTY!!! Right? Right??? WRONG. No ones wants to see this mess… Red Flag.