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Tag Archives: boobs

What Girls Think About During Sex

7 Dec

Hey, why not?! We got such good response when we shared Jenna Marbles video, What Guys Think About During Sex, that we decided to share Jenna’s girl version!

Dammit this is funny! One major thing I noticed is that not once did Jenna’s ‘girl thoughts’ include any enjoyment? Apparently only dudes have all the fun? Typical girls, even when doing the horizontal hustle, they’re thinking about shopping and food!

When girls can never stop thinking about shoes, purses, and why guys faces are so creepy, they will never enjoy getting (or giving) the business. So why wear the “fuck me” pumps if you don’t care about the “fuck me” part? Hmmm…

Armed And Dangerous!

1 Jul

Woman With Guns

A Special Ed teacher is armed and dangerous with…her breast milk? Stephanie Robinette, a 30-year-old Special Ed teacher from Delaware, Ohio wins this week’s Red Flag Of The Week Award hands down.

After attending a friend’s wedding and having too much champagne, Mrs. Robinette ended up physically abusing her husband several times (Red Flag #1), and after he is forced to call the police she locks herself in the car.

You Got Me So Hypnotized

27 Jun

As if strip clubs weren’t already enough of a mind fuck, the strippers at Cleopatra’s Lounge in Huddersfield England are literally hypnotizing customers to stay longer and spend more money. Wow!

Stripper ‘Sabrina’, 25, said, “I never say never to learning anything.” So why not learn computer skills or something stripper, and stop using your Red Flag life style to get paper? Sure the money is (was) good, but what happens when that tight butt and those perky boobies finally give in to gravity and no matter how many roofies you slip the customers at work, they just aren’t into grandma on the pole?

The Top 5 Facebook Profile Red Flags

1 Feb

I’m sure all of you have read our Feature story about Facebook. If not, read it HERE.

Let’s get down to a little more detail… Here are the TOP 5 Facebook Profile RED FLAGS.

1.  Taking pictures ONLY for the purpose of updating your Facebook Profile pic

You’re missing the point, and the world around you. RED FLAG.

2.  Too many pics of drinking/partying.

Facebook… Red Flag city!

27 Jan

Do your homework with a potential interest. Nowadays it’s really easy to study up on someone through use of our dear social networking site.  Sure it could be considered stalking, but, if the other person has mutual feelings of interest towards you, Facebook is an excellent tool for getting information about your current dating interest from the comfort of your home.

If you meet someone who chooses to broadcast their life over the web then take advantage of this “jumpstart” in your search for Red Flags.  Find out what you can through pictures, posts, friend lists and comments to see if you spot any Red or Black Flags. It can and WILL save you time, energy, heartache, money, etc. in the long run.