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Stripper. Red Flag?

19 Aug

Saturday through Sunday: Our weekend together was a blast, as we enjoyed learning about one another. We went to the beach, did some sightseeing and out for a nice dinner date. I even met her sister and some friends she has in the LA area. I knew that there had been a reason I wanted to get to know her, and it was worth the time to get to know her. I know what you guys are thinking, a quick fling weekend is really all that happened. But in reality, we only kissed a few times. The weekend turned out to be an interesting adventure.

Monday morning it was time for her to leave. The girl I met that Saturday night in Frisco was the same girl I spent the whole weekend with. She showed drive, yet she was shy and reserved. Before packing to go home, the one thing she said to me that sticks in my mind was “I’m just a broken girl.”

One of many things I got out of my weekend with her was her story about why and how she ended up stripping. Her story is really no different than the majority of strippers and adult entertainers, when she tells me about her falling out with her father, her repeated abusive relationships with boyfriends, and her money hungry motivation.

I will never know all the in-depth details about her story, just that she was a smart girl who didn’t see her life following the rest of the 9 to 5-ers. She admitted that part of her reasoning to strip was also a kind of… “Fuck you! I am going to be a stripper” to any man who made her feel unworthy. This is all no surprise, abuse anyone long enough and they will make choices just to get back at the abuser. For sure no girl dreams of being a stripper.

Everyone has a story. In the end, stereotypes are just that, a false assumption or judgment on someone you don’t even know. I learned that you never know what someone is really about, unless you take the time to find out. Not everyone is worth the time, but when you trust your gut you can’t go wrong.

Just as everyone has a story, within that story, everyone has a few skeleton’s in their closet – Red Flags. When you meet someone you may be lucky to learn some of the big Red Flags right away (like I did), or later down the line. Regardless, this is your time to dissect what you have found and decide… Do I want to “note” this red flag and continue getting to know the real person, or is this a Black Flag for me. Red Flags can sometimes show the positive aspects in a person, by how they prove that it is only a minor default, not who they are.

Everyone has Red Flags, it is how you wave your flag that show your true self.

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