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Stripper. Red Flag?

19 Aug

She arrived around 4:00 a.m. after driving from San Francisco. She looked great, I gave her a hug and the image of the stripper is replaced with the real, pretty young woman that she is. There was a natural hint of shyness from both of us, but not awkward. We continued our previous conversations only this time we are face to face. No more text messages with punctuation, smiley faces and one-liners. We talked for a while in our PJ’s. Yes, that’s it.. just talked…no sex. It was like we had known each other for years, we innocently cuddled together while falling asleep to the early morning sunrise.

Friday morning: We woke up, still holding each other. It’s weird, when two people have been in other relationships there are certain things that you do automatically, like you go back into that mindset. Our touch felt familiar, like we had been sleeping in the same bed for years. The crazy part is… we hadn’t even kissed! I guess you could say we skipped the ‘normal’ progression of dating. Or never really followed it to begin with…Red Flag?

Friday night: I took her to a local car show at the beach. Little did I know, about half of my fuckin family decided to go there as well. WTF! I have a conspiracy theory about this, but that is another topic, I will just say Red Flag for me and let’s move on.

Luckily she is cool about meeting my entire family and we laughed it off. Later we met up with a good friend of mine and his girlfriend in Hollywood for dinner.

She asked me not to tell anyone that she is a stripper. I’m guessing this was to avoid any pre-judgment from people I was going to introduce her to. She felt the most comfortable with keeping it a secret…which was fine by me.

I now realize that coming to LA, where no one knew her, was an escape. She could be herself and not worry about a stranger recognizing her or going out where everyone knows she is a stripper. This was also one of the topics we talked about, how hard it is for her to meet new people. Not to mention, she made it clear it was even harder for her to meet guys that would respect her, knowing her past.

She even told me about a website that exploited things about her. To me that is pretty honest to point out. She told me that people posted and commented nasty things about her, that she can never get rid of. The infortunate thing is that once it’s on the Internet, it’s there forever. Even once she is out of the “game”, she will forever have to deal with her past.

Side Note: After she went back home to SF, I checked out the website she said had awful things about her. This was actually really crazy for me to see. The girl I knew was nothing like the awful things that people were saying about her. I felt for her. Its always no big deal when we read things about someone we don’t know, for most it is even entertaining to see another person get torn apart, whether its true or false. Yet, when it’s someone we do know, you see it in an entirely different light. I can only imagine if that were me and how fucked up I would feel. I really felt for her.


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