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Stripper. Red Flag?

19 Aug

A few weekends ago I went to San Francisco for my buddy’s bachelor party. I couldn’t tell you much about the celebration, but I will never forget that Saturday night. Before I could even notice I was being checked out by a girl… And she was HOT!

She approached me, which is never a Red Flag in my book. We had an instant connection, flirting with one another right away. We ended up chit chatting the night away from that moment. I learned right away that she was shy, reserved, and smart. She was successful, motivated and had a plan for her life. She lived a life of luxury with high expectations for herself and her future family. I was happy to see that she was honest, upfront and gave me her undivided attention. It was refreshing to immideatly feel like this girl was different.

As most positive interactions go I wanted to continue what we had started, I had a great time meeting her so I got her number and decided to take it from there. So after that the night came to an end, with me going back to my hotel room alone as she went back to work. She was next on stage… Yes, shocker, she is a stripper! Red Flag Magnet Minor found himself another winner!

Do I even need to say it? Red Fucking Flag. Surprisingly however, this is the only Red Flag I found so far. So yes, I Red Flag’d the stripper, and noted it as a big warning to myself. It wasn’t enough for me to Black Flag her, she was different inside and I could see that. Stripping is her job, it’s not who she is…right? This girl had a ton of qualities most guys would want in a girl. After that night we talked everyday, so I invited her to spend the weekend with me in LA a few weeks later.

Thursday night: I have no idea what to expect and I wonder what the hell I just got myself into. The semi-blind date, slumber party weekend begins!


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