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Still Living with the Parents… RED FLAG?

27 Jan

By the age of 25 a person should be running out of excuses for why they have not yet made that “Big Move”. College should just about be a wrap; a career should be in the works, or you should at least have a stable job.

Okay, don’t start getting worked up here because we all know that these are unstable times, the economy is down and there could be many of you out there who are currently unemployed, at no fault of your own.  We are talking about the intentional slackers here; the ones who CHOOSE not to be working.

By your mid-twenties you should have stepped outside your comfort zone and flown the nest.  Everyone needs to leave the comfort of their parents’ home and stand on their own two feet.

If you are trying to have a serious relationship with someone you want to know that they are capable of caring for themselves and have some idea of how to take care of a home.

If you come across a guy or girl who is past their mid-twenties and is still content to be living at home… Red Flag.

This shows a number of Red Flag qualities; a lack of motivation, laziness and/or a reliance on being taken care of, inability to branch away from their family, or a fear of the “real world”.  You don’t want to end up falling for this person and planning a future, only to find out that they have no intention of moving out and starting a life of their own.

Once again I will stop to note that times are hard and most of us may be in tough situations.  There could be many of you out there who currently find yourself at home with your parents but do not feel that you are deserving of being stamped by a Red Flag.

There are exceptions to most rules and it may apply here.  If you have moved out for a length of time but had to move back for a legitimate reason or you are still at home because you help take care of your parents, you are in tough financial times or have a family circumstance that requires you to be home temporarily, you are not necessarily an automatic No-Go.

Be aware that you will have to be able to show and prove that you are not at home for any of the negative reasons that we just discussed.  It’s a slippery slope because it’s easy to get comfortable living with Mom and Dad and it’s even easier to be stamped Red Flag material based on of your living arrangements.

That’s all for now.

Love yallz…


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