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She’s Just Not That Into You

23 Nov

Yet another great post from one of our favorite female contributing writers… Enjoy!

Let’s face it; women can be incredibly cryptic when it comes to dating. Are they interested? Do they just need someone to make them feel sexy and validated? Do they just want to be friends?

We all know the basic telltale signs of lack of interest: not calling or texting you back, consistently making excuses, etc. But that’s not all! I’m here to throw you guys a bone and let you in on some very sneaky ways to tell if the girl in your life is just not that into you.

Appearances are EVERYTHING.

Take a look at your lady’s hair when she’s around you. Does it look greasy? If a girl likes you she’s going to wash her hair—women understand the importance of cleanliness.

If she really likes you she’ll have it done, too. A good way to tell is to see how her hair is styled. If her hair is naturally curly and it has been straightened (or vice versa) she’s put in some effort to look her best for you. If you see her and her hair is oily, wet, or lazily styled, she didn’t take the time to prepare for you. Better luck next time.

To go off of that, take a look at her makeup. Even girls who don’t usually wear any will wear some to accentuate their positives. And those girls who usually wear everyday makeup will step it up a notch. A good way to tell is her eye shadow, eyeliner, and/or lip color. If it looks more intense than usual it was probably put there to catch and hold your attention.

What is she wearing? If you’re seeing repeat ensembles then it’s probably because she’s not into you. If she likes you then she will know EXACTLY what she wore last time she saw you—not to mention what you wore, too.

Don’t underestimate a woman’s observation and memory. If she’s wearing the same dress she wore last time you had dinner then it might be time to face the facts. She could care less about what she wore last time you were together. Then again, if her outfits look different and original each time, she’s putting in the time to look unique and fresh. She likes you—and she’s going to go out of her way to make sure her outfit is just right. Green light.

Body language is also key to telling if a girl is interested.

Yes, if she wants to hug and kiss you all the time, then you’re probably golden. That’s beginner stuff. Here are some more subtle ways women show their interest:

Watch her interaction at social events. At a large get-together, notice her eye contact. If you are catching her eye a lot, she cares about what you’re looking at and she’s hoping it’s her. She’ll also try and keep a close proximity to you so that she can be in your line of sight at all times.

In smaller groups, she’ll most likely try to position herself near you if she’s interested. Playing games? She’ll conveniently be on your team. At the movies? She’ll find a way to sit next to you. Girls aren’t dumb (most of them). They know how to make situations work in their favor without it looking obvious.

Check her energy level. Even if the poor girl is exhausted, she’ll perk up if she likes you. If she’s sloth-like, she could care less about interacting with you. Simple as that. Girls are very good at faking it (…trust me).

Finally, assess her interest in YOUR interests.

If she’s keeping up to date with your sports teams, favorite comedians, and conveniently mentioning how she loves the new Kaskade album (that you can’t stop listening to)—she likes you.

Girls are really good at pretending like they’re interested in your hobbies. The moment they stop actively engaging with you about them is probably a sign that she’s moving on—just as a heads up for later. If she likes you, she’ll want to do whatever you’re doing just so she can be with you.

If she makes an exception to your bad habits, she’s into you. You’re the messiest guy around and you’re blazing everyday? …and she doesn’t mind in the slightest? She is DEFINITELY interested.

You’d be surprised what girls will turn an eye to when they like someone. If she acts like it doesn’t bother her that you sleep until noon everyday—congratulations! It looks like your good attributes have outweighed the negative. She’s into you and doesn’t care about your nasty lazy man habits. Time to lock her down.

I’ve said too much already. Women everywhere—they’re onto you. Guys, with these tips and tricks, you don’t have to wonder anymore if she’s interested. You’ve got this. And you’re damn lucky!

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