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Never In A Serious Relationship… Top 10 RED FLAG!

31 Jan

When you meet a person who has yet to have a serious, long term relationship they are waiving a commitment issue Red Flag.

On one hand, this can be a sign that those who have dated this person before you, saw major Red Flags and decided this person is not long term relationship material.

More commonly you will find that a lack of serious relationship history is a sign that the individual has real commitment issues.  Typically, they have either always run away from love or really never opened up enough for love.

Whether it be for confidence issues, fear or any other reason, the fact that they have yet to take the plunge into a serious relationship shows instability and this is definitely something to RED FLAG.

There is great potential for getting your heart broken if you find yourself falling for a person who can easily turn and run if they feel things getting too serious.

Love yallz…


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5 Responses to “Never In A Serious Relationship… Top 10 RED FLAG!”

  1. Becky F 02/18/2011 at 3:12 PM #

    This is SOOO true lol. I steer clear of guys that have never beeen in a somewhat serious relationship.

    And then they all get suprised like “what did i do wrong??”

    • Minor 02/18/2011 at 3:21 PM #

      haha… its a tought concept to grasp for most guys.. -M

  2. Doug S. 04/25/2011 at 6:54 PM #

    It’s like the old catch-22; need experience to get a job, need a job to get experience…

  3. Acid B 08/27/2011 at 8:10 PM #

    This is not a true statement. There are people who have been in long term relationships but won’t commit to marriage – those are the people who have commitment issues.

  4. Terri 02/10/2012 at 7:42 AM #

    Although this is a valid point, it is not the case 100% of the time. Some people are so shy and introverted that they get very few chances to even begin a relationship, much less keep one. Eventually they resign themselves to being alone forever, which decreases their chances even more. There are also people who work so much, often with a great deal of travel, that they don’t get the chance to meet someone and start a relationship.

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