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Red Flags You Must Spot Early In A New Relationship

4 Oct

Guest post from a loyal reader…Enjoy!

So you’ve made it past the first date and have decided to give it a go. Before you get swept away by the butterflies, slow down and keep your eyes out for these Red Flags before it’s too late. Here are 7 Red Flags to spot early on in order to avoid the shit storm that could follow them.

#1 “Come over, we’ll watch a movie”

If you get an invite to come over and watch a movie on the first or second date, don’t plan on really watching a movie. You could toss in “Bambi” for all it matters, because the only thing you’re going to be watching is his hands getting closer and closer to your boobs. This is the classic sleaz tactic we’ve all experienced (and some of us are guilty of).

#2 The mirror whore

If your date has to stop and check themselves out in every mirror, tinted car window, and every remotely shiny material…Red Flag. Soon they’ll be setting up mirrors in the bedroom so they can check themselves out while you’re bumpin uglies and refusing to lay on a certain side of the bed because it doesn’t show off their “good side.”

I dated a girl once who would angle the rear view mirror down so she could check herself out while driving. Coincidentally she didn’t have a car of her own because her dad refused to pay her insurance.

#3 The Indian Giver

If you’ve been going out for a week and your date buys you an overly expensive gift, I’m not talking Kay jewelers; I’m talking an entire clothing rack from Neiman Marcus, a car, etc, watch the fuck out. If this happens, you most likely haven’t slept with them yet so don’t kid yourself, this isn’t an act of love…this is smash insurance.

Ladies, if your legs remain like a bank on the holidays, get ready for the guilt trip storm of the century. If you still don’t give in, don’t be surprised if they pull the old Indian Giver move and ask for it back which at this point I readily encourage you to tell them to fuck off. Be careful however, what they called a “gift” before, could become “temporary lend” in the court room.

#4 Answering calls while on a date

If your date answers a call on a date with you and has a conversation that consists of anything other than “Hey, can I call you back later, I’m busy”…do yourself a favor and bail. Unless it’s an emergency there is no excuse for being made the third wheel on your own date.

#5 The Angry Driver

Everyone hates backseat driving, however if you find yourself in a constant struggle to restrain yourself from asking them what the fuck they are doing when behind the wheel, Red Flag that shit. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they drive.

No matter how sweet and loving they seemed during the date, if their veins pop out while they’re screaming profanities every time somebody won’t let them merge, chances are you’re going to be on the receiving end of that anger real soon.

#6 Group Dates

Group dates can be fun and a great change of pace, however if your date seems to exclusively insist on group dating, this is a serious immaturity Red Flag. Middle school ended a long time ago and if they still can’t handle one on one time this means they either can’t handle intimacy or simply don’t want it with you…unless of course it’s in the sheets.

#7 Taking the last appetizer bit without asking

Yes, that awkward moment when you’re splitting an appetizer and there is one piece of sushi left that you both really want. You hesitate for a second and before your mouth can even open you watch in shock as their chopsticks go straight in and snatch it without a second thought.

This is a Red Flag for both genders, but especially for guys. Guys should know better. Girls love appetizers and if your date is going in for the kill without even asking don’t be surprised if this Red Flag behavior of his manifests itself in other areas.


Remember all of these aren’t necessarily deal breakers…just warning signs of Red Flags that are sure to follow. Spotting them early is crucial. It’s like receiving a weather report for months in advance to avoid the potential shit storm that is about to come through.

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