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MTV’s Jersey Shore … A Red Flag Cesspool

23 Aug

Quick post by the Pretty Smart Betch…

If you’re not watching MTV’s “Jersey Shore”, you are missing out on Grade-A Red Flag entertainment!

Every episode so far this season has delivered, and last week’s episode was no different. By far the biggest Red Flags of the season were the two new girls introduced last week, that “The Situation” referred to as “The Twins”. These chicks were fucking hilarious!

One twin that stood out was slutty twin Erica. Wow! This little one has Red Flag written all over her. For those that didn’t watch, first she claimed to be a virgin on national TV. Please! Red Flag #1…she has to be lying and all of the douches watching the show that have smooshed her, know this.

She continued to entertain America committing one Red Flag after another:

Red Flag #1: Lying she is a virgin.
Red Flag #2: Chased “The Situation” just to be on TV.
Red Flag #3: Made out with Deena (who’s actually one step away from a Juice-Head Gorilla herself)
Red Flag #4: After Deena, she moved on to hook up with Vinnie.
Red Flag #5: Went back to Deena.
Red Flag #6: Ended her slutfest by having sex on TV…with Vinnie.

Congratulations Erica…you are now an international whore. Her sister behaved herself and limited her Red Flaggin to only sleeping with The Situation…on national TV.

Making Mom and Dad proud, one twin at a time! Twinning?

I am definitely tuning in this week for more Red Flag research!

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