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More Relationship Red Flags: Don’t Let Yourself Go

17 May

Fat GirlAll relationships start out with passion, infatuation, excitement and great sex. Unfortunately all of these aspects of a new relationship eventually and gradually fizzle out as the novelty begins to wear out and those stomach butterflies begin to disappear. When you’ve reached this point in a relationship with your partner you will start feeling more and more comfortable, and ultimately lack the need to impress your partner anymore.

Before you know it, it’s been four months since you last visited the gym, you’re wearing sweat pants out at night, and you haven’t trimmed your ball hairs in over a month. These are major relationship Red Flags that you are “Letting Yourself Go.”

This goes for both sides in the relationship. If you notice your girlfriend is starting to put on extra weight, is wearing granny panties when she’s not even on her period anymore, and is half-assing it in the sack…Red Flag that shit immediately! What is she pregnant!? These are all signs that a long slippery slope of future ongoing Red Flags has been initiated. All of which are sure to hurt, and potentially even end the relationship.

This is very important relationship advice for men and women; DO NOT LET YOURSELF GO! And expect the same of your partner! No matter how comfortable you may begin to feel with each other, letting yourself go will only result in resentment of your partner and ultimately resentment of yourself.


P.S. What are some of YOUR Relationship Red Flags? Share them here!

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One Response to “More Relationship Red Flags: Don’t Let Yourself Go”

  1. Noweee 05/23/2011 at 5:45 PM #

    hmmm.. I ~LOL’d~ at the granny panties! hahah

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