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More Facebook Romance Fail

13 Sep

Face palm
How about being bamboozled by your date into helping them commit a crime? Romantic right?

That’s what happened to Leah Gibbs who began her night out as a giddy young 23-year-old, and ended it as a getaway driver. You can read the full story HERE, but here it is in a nutshell…

Leah, and Adam Minson, 21, struck up a romance via Facebook messaging. Red Flag #1. Eventually they decided it was time to take their relationship to the next level and meet in person. In order to take this big first step, the two planned to spend the evening watching a movie together. I wonder what movie…

After Gibbs meets up with Minson for some movie watching fun, Minson decides to show his spontaneous side by asking her to give him a ride to his friend’s house. What the hell kind of first date itinerary is that?! Also note how Minson doesn’t appear to own his own car. Red Flag #2. Surprisingly, Gibbs agrees to drive Minson to his friend’s house.

Before they ever get to “friend’s house”, per his request Gibbs drives Minson to a shopping plaza, where he leaves her for five minutes. Best first date ever! He returns in a panic, yelling to her, “Go, go, go!” Ummm, ok. Red Flag #3.

Upon arrival at the Minson household, Gibb’s Red Flag radar finally goes off and she decides the date is over. Gibb’s however is persistent and tries to smooth things over and get her inside.

Luckily the police arrive just as Minson’s A-game is failing. According to the report, “Miss Gibbs was astonished to find police accusing him of robbing a betting shop at knife point, and her of being his accomplice. She was forced to spend a night in a cell before police accepted her story and she was freed. Minson has now been jailed for four and a half years.”

Wow! While I do feel bad for her, this is an important life lesson she wouldn’t learn in school, and we can only hope that next time she thinks twice before deciding to strike up a romance with random dudes on Facebook. Then again, some Red Flags will never learn…Did I mention that at the ripe age of 23, Leah already has TWO kids? (Sigh)

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