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Meeting the Parents: Top 5 Red Flags

6 Oct

New guest post via The Reformed Slut!

Ladies, some of us can’t wait for that next step in the relationship of having our boyfriend meet our parents. Others, on the other hand, dread this step because it will showcase just exactly the person they are dating. In fact, if you feel the latter, that is a Red Flag.

Either way, we all agree that meeting the parents is a step of monumental proportions. I’ve outlined the Top 5 Red Flags that will help decipher whether or not that guy you’re dating is properly labeled as your ‘boyfriend’. And for you guys out there: if you love your girlfriend and you don’t want to lose her, take note.

#1: He is dressed like a hobo

First impressions are powerful. If your man knowingly chooses to dress in clothes fit for a homeless man when meeting your parents for the first time, then Red Flags should be flying all around. When meeting the parents, your boyfriend should be well dressed. If he’s not dressed for a king or a queen, then he’s definitely not going to treat you or your family like royalty.

#2: He failed to do his homework

If your boyfriend decides to come up to your parents and just ‘shoot the shit’ with them then you better ask yourself why he’s your boyfriend in the first place. He should have done his research. If he takes the time and asks you questions about your parents (their likes, dislikes, tastes, pet peeves, etc), then he truly cares about making a great first impression; thus, he truly cares about you.

#3: He comes up empty handed

What? No flowers? Not offering to do the dishes? GTFO! Your boyfriend should not come to your parents’ house empty handed. He better have flowers or a bottle of wine (provided your parents are avid drinkers and enjoy that kinda thing) in hand when your parents open the front door to welcome you. If there are major money problems present, which can be a Red Flag in itself, then he should at least offer to do the dishes or take the dog on a walk.

#4: His manners are similar to a rabid dog

Speaking of dogs…It’s pretty basic knowledge that when you meet your elders you have to treat them with respect. If your boyfriend doesn’t know that, then how did you get with him in the first place? Firm handshakes are to be given instead of gnarly high fives, and genuine smiles are to be made instead of creepy winks. He should be referring to your parents as Sir and Ma’am until they tell him otherwise. Regardless how dirty you guys speak to each other in the bedroom, his mouth and verbiage with your parents should be clean as a whistle.

#5: He isn’t himself

Your man can do everything right when meeting your parents, but if it’s because he’s taken on a completely different identity like Leo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can, then there’s no validity in it. You fell in love with your boyfriend, not whoever the fuck he is trying to be for your parents. Your parents want to meet the guy that’s actually worthy of being called your boyfriend and not a fake. Plus, if he’s fake around your parents, then how do you know he’s being real with you?

Chew on that.

-The Reformed Slut

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