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Man vs. Boobs

27 Jan


This is something I can’t define or give scientific reason for, but it’s just a general rule that, men LOVE boobs. It really is amazing how quickly a man can spot Betty Nugs in a sea of people. The battle between Man and Milk Wagons will forever be a part of our society for reasons that both parties can’t fondle (haha).

men and boobs

Ok, where was I? The boob is like the Achilles’ heel of man. It is the one thing that can temporarily draw their eyes away from a fast car engine or a Monday Night Football game.

boobs and men

Women, of course, know this; it’s nothing that you all haven’t heard, seen or experienced before.  Truth be told, many women use Mans Boob Obsession to their advantage.  Many of you can admit that your Pompoms play a big role in choosing your clothing.

men and boobs

Women, please be aware that exposing your dawgz through use of skimpy clothing while in a relationship with a man can be a cause for you to be Red Flagged.  A man wants his woman’s Treasure Chest kept for his admiring only; he does not want to see you showing them to every other boob-obsessed man on the street.

awesome boobs

This may start to sound like a double standard but understand that most men simply enjoy looking at Yard Dogs for visual stimulation; they don’t see Macaroons and start making marriage plans.  If he is with you, he enjoys you for more than a two-second glance at your upper body.

The bottom line is most women are quick to complain about their men constantly ogling the chests of other women but this should not be a cause for a Red Flag.  As long as he uses his eyes, and not his hands, and he does not disrespect you or the female holding the Golden Flesh Melons, there should be no reason for alarm here.

Of course you always have the option to seek one of the few men who don’t have a particular fascination with breasts, but please keep in mind that he will most likely fall into the category of “Ass Man” (meaning he is either gay or simply prefers a woman’s butt over her breasts).

Love yallz…


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3 Responses to “Man vs. Boobs”

  1. Delightful D 03/24/2011 at 2:47 PM #

    My guy is a “hip” man. he says that is the part of a woman that he likes best, that drives him wild. he could care less about boobs or size ( I am a C cup so not for lack of)A women’s hips are his thing ~ and he thinks I have the best hips ever! :)

    • Minor 03/24/2011 at 3:36 PM #

      Hi Delightful D, thats great! Most men are naturally attracted to women’s breast. I think its part of the reproductive program us men are born with. I’m happy for you having found a man thats outside the box and loves your hips! Curves are very attractive! You have found the exception to this rule! Stay HIP! :)
      Thanks for sharing with us,

  2. REICouponCode 03/23/2012 at 11:28 PM #

    Looking so very hottest.

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