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Girlfriend Slices Boyfriend’s Balls

16 Jun

They say couples should never go to bed fighting, and this guy is proof. You might wake up thinking you peed the bed only to find out that your sac was attacked…with a knife!

This is how it went down. Apparently our Red Flag Award Winner this week, Jennifer Kolone, was not happy with how their fight ended the night before and took action into what needed to be done in order for her to feel better. She thought to herself the only way to make this right was to etch a ‘W’ into her man’s balls.

From Seatlle PI:

King County prosecutors contend Jennifer Marie Kolone cut her 40-year-old boyfriend’s testicles in the early hours of the morning during a fight at their North Seattle home. According to charging documents, the man received a “W”-shaped knife wound requiring several stitches, surgical glue and a “scrotal support” to close.

I’m not ok with this. There HAD to have been Red Flags that this guy missed. Red Flag Jen’s Facebook states that one of her favorite shows is the Steve Wilkos Show (a Jerry Springer Knock-off). Investigators also stated that this is the third time authorities have been called to the residence for domestic violence. Hmmm.

Sorry buddy. Learn from this. Better luck next year.

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2 Responses to “Girlfriend Slices Boyfriend’s Balls”

  1. johnk 07/23/2011 at 12:34 PM #

    LOL.Gotta be careful at night if u had a fight


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