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Facebook… Red Flag city!

27 Jan

Do your homework with a potential interest. Nowadays it’s really easy to study up on someone through use of our dear social networking site.  Sure it could be considered stalking, but, if the other person has mutual feelings of interest towards you, Facebook is an excellent tool for getting information about your current dating interest from the comfort of your home.

If you meet someone who chooses to broadcast their life over the web then take advantage of this “jumpstart” in your search for Red Flags.  Find out what you can through pictures, posts, friend lists and comments to see if you spot any Red or Black Flags. It can and WILL save you time, energy, heartache, money, etc. in the long run.

I’m sure that if this person has an addiction to Facebook (Red Flag by the way) that they will have “Friended” you shortly after you just exchanged phone numbers. Homework begins here.

If this person has more than 500 friends… Red Flag.  Who are they trying to impress? This can be a sign that they feel they are in some sort of competition to prove they are “popular” or that they simply socialize a little too much and may not have time for you in their busy social life.

If a person changes their profile pic daily… Red Flag.  Besides having way too much time on their hands, this is a sign of narcissism (why do you need to take and post this many pictures of yourself)?

Another small FB side note… If you can’t eat a meal without first taking a picture of it for the rest of us to see… you might be a Facebook addict. Red Flag!

Be wary of the person with the IPhone App that announces their every move… You know the one! “So and so checked in at K-Mart!”  Red Flag signs are definitely there! Someone who spends this much time on Facebook has attention issues and a desire to feel important in an intangible social loop.

Consider all of these things before you enter a relationship with someone who lives on Facebook.  Realize that privacy will no longer exist because every move you make will immediately be broadcasted with everyone you know and some you don’t. You might as well invite everyone you know to join you two in the relationship because technically they will be with you every step of the way.

Food for Thought:  Is Facebook dictating your life choices?  Consider this; if you and your mate were thinking about going skydiving, would you be doing it for the thrill and enjoyment that you will share together; or would you or your partner be doing it because it would make a great video post on your page?

Love yallz…


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3 Responses to “Facebook… Red Flag city!”

  1. NoNo 02/10/2011 at 10:35 AM #

    Thank you for exposing Facebook for what it really is- a joke!

    • REDFLAG 02/13/2011 at 9:54 AM #

      Hey NoNo! Thanks for the comments! Mainly the RED FLAGS we exploit can be considered a joke… but unfortunately for us (normals) millions of people take it serious. Haha! Keep RED FLAGGIN…


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