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Epic Fail

10 Aug

Epic FailI almost missed this on my Red Flag radar…but this guy is in the running for Red Flag Of The Month for sure!

In effort to rekindle the fire with his ex-girlfriend…Jordan Cardella took one last shot at gaining her affection. Literally.

According to the report, in an effort to reunite with his former love who refused to see him, “Cardella asked a friend to shoot him so he could get a hospital visit from his ex-girlfriend.” Hmm, sounds like the plot to a movie that Ashton Kutcher would be in. Keep reading…

Here’s how Cardella’s brilliant plan went down: “Cardella and his friends, Mike Wezyk and Anthony Woodall, 20, drove to a spot on the street in South Milwaukee to stage their fake gunfight. Cardella asked Wezyk to shoot him three times in the back…Wezyk then shot Cardella in the arm, and Cardella immediately slumped over,” according to the complaint. Cardella asked to be shot again, but Wezyk refused, stating “I’m done.”

I’m not sure what’s more sad; Cardella for thinking his plan would work, or his so-called friends for agreeing to participate. Regardless, his friend was wise enough to quit while he was ahead and ended up being charged and sentenced to just two years of probation.

epic failShockingly, this story doesn’t have a happy ending. Despite the tragic suffering Cardella endured, his ex-girlfriend never did end up visiting him in the hospital. It appears she’s insensitive towards the victims of fake gunfights, or maybe she has just has a good eye for spotting Red Flags and knows when to get the fuck out of town. Now Cardella’s left wondering if things would have been different if only his friend would have shot him in the back rather than the arm.

Ladies, take notes. Next time you hear your man say something corny like, “I’d take a bullet for you babe”…proceed with caution.


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