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Can You Handle The Truth?

11 Nov

Still Single

Earlier this week I read an article by entrepreneur Neil Patel, about how in business one of the most important things is being honest with yourself. Basically, Patel explains that you have to be able to handle the truth and do what’s best for your business, even if that means that your ego will get crushed.

In the conclusion, Patel states to “be brutally honest with yourself and others, or else you’ll just be wasting your time.”

Doesn’t this hold true in dating and relationships as well?

I always say to know your worth and do not settle, but you still need to enter the dating world with realistic expectations. Just because you’re constantly around your pretty girlfriends or good looking buddies that are always getting the hot guy or hot girl’s attention and always have the good looking boyfriends/girlfriends, unfortunately it doesn’t mean the same will be true for you.

This reality really bruises the ego for the ladies, and most refuse to accept it. You get jealous, bitter and even depressed, yet still continue to go after the guys that are out of your league. In parallel you are also letting the good guys that ARE in your league pass you by, because he is just a bit too short and/or too fat. Do you see how in this scenario, no one is getting anywhere and it is just a big waste of time?

My advice is to face the truth, and drop your standards down a notch. Don’t lower your standards to end up with some loser, but start looking at the big picture. You will probably realize that those guys you’ve been big leagueing are not all that bad.

Be brutally honest with yourself and think more logically (instead of emotionally). Play the dating game with realistic expectations, and you will be much happier in the long run.


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