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MTV’s Jersey Shore … A Red Flag Cesspool

23 Aug

Quick post by the Pretty Smart Betch…

If you’re not watching MTV’s “Jersey Shore”, you are missing out on Grade-A Red Flag entertainment!

Every episode so far this season has delivered, and last week’s episode was no different. By far the biggest Red Flags of the season were the two new girls introduced last week, that “The Situation” referred to as “The Twins”. These chicks were fucking hilarious!

Nails Done, Hair Done, Everything Did!

30 Jul

Guest post from one of our female readers, calling herself “Pretty Smart Betch”… Enjoy!

This one is for the guys. Here are some Red Flags you usually don’t pay attention to, but if you start looking, you will see the problem. It is one thing when a girl is high maintenance, but what you really need to start worrying about is when she is not ANY maintenance at all.

A girl who cannot even keep her hair extensions up-to-date is a bigger problem than the excessive amount of cash she spent on them. Here are a few things to pay attention to…