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Armed And Dangerous!

1 Jul

Woman With Guns

A Special Ed teacher is armed and dangerous with…her breast milk? Stephanie Robinette, a 30-year-old Special Ed teacher from Delaware, Ohio wins this week’s Red Flag Of The Week Award hands down.

After attending a friend’s wedding and having too much champagne, Mrs. Robinette ended up physically abusing her husband several times (Red Flag #1), and after he is forced to call the police she locks herself in the car.

Now that the cops are involved, Stephanie decides to make another strong moral decision to show what a good roll model she is for her students. As the police force entry the car, Red Flag Steph informs the deputies that she is a breastfeeding mother. Hold the fuck on! She’s a breast feeding mother and is shit faced drunk?! (Red Flag #2)

Back to the shit show… Red Flag Steph proceeds to whip out her right boob from her dress and sprays the two deputies with her breast milk!

The boob milk soaked officers arrested Stephanie that night for domestic violence, assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest (Red Flags #3,4,5 and 6). What about drunk in public, indecent exposure, public nudity, and the underlined issue of child abuse from her spiked breast milk? Throw the book at this White Trash Red Flag!



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