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Almost Perfect

9 Nov

A big thanks to Jocelyn, my #twitterbuddy

Too many people stay stuck in the past. We all probably have ‘the one that got away’, but are you possibly trying to re-create that person in your new partner? Don’t become the Red Flag, and Red Flag the shit out of whoever you are dating if this is happening to you.

I had an old boyfriend of mine give me some suggestions when we were first going out. It was cute in the beginning, I figured he wasn’t shy to speak up and I appreciated it. Once I saw a picture of his old girlfriend, the suggestions started matching up with her look and style. I realized he might have not completely moved on before we got together.

My mistake for not digging a little deeper.

When you begin dating someone, pay close attention as to whether or not you are comparing them to your ex. We all subconsciously do it, but are the comparisons holding you back?

For example… do you tell her to wear her hair like your ex did? Ladies, do you buy him the same cologne your ex boyfriend used to wear? If these subtle differences are already holding you back from moving further… don’t fool yourself. You are stuck in the past and need to get your ass out quick.

Don’t try to recreate something that is gone. Truth is, you’re just replacing an old flame with the closest thing that resembles it. Embrace a change, accept your new interest for who they are, and move on. Staying stuck in the past won’t do much. You’re only setting yourself up for relationship failure.


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