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Alcohol Always Wins

10 Oct

You can control your choice of alcohol, but you can’t control what alcohol will do to you if you can’t control yourself. Alcohol will always win.

Are we tired of the headaches yet? Not necessarily from the hangover, but from all the shit too much alcohol can do to our relationships.

“We would be the best couple ever if alcohol didn’t exist!” … Ain’t that the truth!? Some of the worst Red Flags come out when we drink too much…

We lose our filter of the mouth

Girlfriend – “You’re a limp dick loser!”
Boyfriend – “Cuz you never suck it!!!”

This is happening while their closest friends (and even family) are listening. Sober, this couple would never whisper these things to each other, let alone scream them in public.

Insecurities surface

Old, irrelevant shit comes out when you’re on your way to blackout mode.

Girlfriend – “How did you know your ex was in a relationship!? You looked at her Facebook didn’t you! You still love her! I hate you! And her!!!”

These are things that we don’t bother saying when sober because we realize it is nonsense.

Our inner ‘Hulk’ comes out

If we have been going through some rough times in our life, dealing with family issues, problems unresolved in our relationships, etc…just introduce alcohol to the equation and fucking BOOM. Alcohol when used to suppress inner anger does the exact opposite, and the next thing we know, we’re breaking shit.

Sober we are able to suppress these feelings and are usually capable of talking about them and dealing with them in a sane manner. Instead we get drunk and punch a hole through a door. Poor door never had a chance. The funny thing is, not only do the old problems still remain, we now have new ones.

We make really dumb decisions

Like drunk driving! Way too many people are killing themselves, or worse, killing others, while driving under the influence. No excuses here, just poor decision making induced by alcohol.

Our morals (sexual and other) vanish

Alcohol enables us to having sex with people we don’t know, just met, or that we would NEVER have sex with sober. It also influences unprotected sex, and in a time where sex can kill, or create life that we are unprepared for, no one can afford this risk!

We just don’t learn…

I’m not sure how drinking (read “getting shit faced blackout drunk”) as much as we do became so socially accepted? I guess movies like “The Hangover” makes getting drunk seem so cool everyone wants to go and “roofie” themselves.

How many of us have said, “I’m never drinking again!” after a night where we were a Red Flag shitshow and by 3am were puking our brains out, followed by a nap in the shower? Yet not a week goes by and we’re taking shots of tequila again! Taco Tuesday!!!


For most of us alcohol will always be a part of our lives, and this is fine when done responsibly and in moderation. But let’s open our eyes and be aware of what alcohol can do, and does, to our relationships and our lives in general.

Take note and Red Flag yourself when you do dumb shit while under the influence of alcohol. Learn your lesson and try not to repeat. Red Flag someone you are in a relationship with for their drinking habits. Take action against the negative aspects affecting your life that are directly related to alcohol.

Have any decisions you made with alcohol improved your relationships? Have any choices you made while under the influence made your life easier? The negatives that result from alcohol exploitation will always outweigh the positives. Alcohol always wins.

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