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About RedFlag101…

Hi, I’m Minor…

Red Flags are the numerous warning signs that you see in a relationship, and in LIFE in general, and probably ignore until it is too late.

Truth be told, the site you are navigating is the product of one ugly 5 year long relationship I had a few years ago.

This relationship showed me the not-so-obvious Red Flags that many of us miss, and well let’s be honest, gave me the valuable knowledge I can share with you.

I figure if I share this story with all of you, I might be able to save you from hard lessons learned. At the very minimum, I hope to help you see the warning signs that can, and SHOULD be caught early on.

Recognizing and avoiding Red Flags that exist all around us can and WILL save you from wasted time, wasted feelings, wasted money, and unnecessary tears. Redflag101 is the product of relationship lessons learned the hard way, so YOU don’t have to.

We are now expanding to share not only MY dating and relationship philosophy, but also YOURS! If you are a blogger in the dating/relationship advice niche, and want to contribute, please CONTACT US.

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