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Archive | August, 2011

Red Flag – “I Dated A Celebrity”

31 Aug

Guest post by contributing writer Holly Sidell who is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, and believes that dating only sucks if we let it suck.

I had a date the other night…. Was going well… Vibing, flirting, enjoying each other’s company. A group of celebrities came into the bar. Energy shifts around celebrities; it’s unavoidable… and then stories about the celebrities come up.

The guy I was with mentioned a famous name a few times in rehashing stories. Turned out it was a guy I went out with a few times way back in my Hollywood clubbing days. I had a split second decision to make. Do I tell my date or let it go?

I Blame Rap Music

27 Aug

Today’s dating world is ass backwards. There seems to be fewer gentlemen and more assholes.

I’ve been noticing lately that when a guy is real, honest, open, and well, nice to a girl, he just doesn’t stand a chance. He is trying to do something special for a lady and treat her right but ends up taking the punishment for the piece of shit before him that broke her heart. If he does manage to get her attention and start dating her, he ends up taking on the responsibility of trying to fix what the guy before him broke.

5 First Date Red Flags (from a reformed slut’s point of view)

25 Aug

Another great post from REDFLAG101 contributing writer, TheReformedSlut.

To the guys out there who are about to embark on your first dates, here are some warning signs from a lady’s point of view. We’re not all that bad out there.

#1. The “Check Dance”

We know you guys know to pay for dinner and us females expect you guys to pick up the tab on the first date…Hey YOU asked US to go out, so YOU pay! The catch is that we don’t want to act like the bratty princesses that we are. A good rule of thumb is what I call the “check dance”… three times back and forth:

MTV’s Jersey Shore … A Red Flag Cesspool

23 Aug

Quick post by the Pretty Smart Betch…

If you’re not watching MTV’s “Jersey Shore”, you are missing out on Grade-A Red Flag entertainment!

Every episode so far this season has delivered, and last week’s episode was no different. By far the biggest Red Flags of the season were the two new girls introduced last week, that “The Situation” referred to as “The Twins”. These chicks were fucking hilarious!

Craigslist: Missed Connections (EPIC FAIL Part 2)

18 Aug

CreeperI have come across Craigslist dating. The most interesting, as well as most pathetic aspect of CL dating has to be the “Missed Connections” section. Basically in this section people post ads claiming that some type of “connection” was made with someone else, yet no actual contact/meeting ever took place. A glance exchange at Starbucks, a smile at the gym, a potential eye-fuck at the store, etc. Then these poor souls hope and pray that the person who they had this “connection” with, sees their ad and responds to them.

I know…but keep reading.