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Archive | July, 2011

Nails Done, Hair Done, Everything Did!

30 Jul

Guest post from one of our female readers, calling herself “Pretty Smart Betch”… Enjoy!

This one is for the guys. Here are some Red Flags you usually don’t pay attention to, but if you start looking, you will see the problem. It is one thing when a girl is high maintenance, but what you really need to start worrying about is when she is not ANY maintenance at all.

A girl who cannot even keep her hair extensions up-to-date is a bigger problem than the excessive amount of cash she spent on them. Here are a few things to pay attention to…

Bible Humping

26 Jul

Guest post by REDFLAG101 contributing writer, The Reformed Slut.

Can you date someone who is pretty much perfection, with the exception of one (major) Red Flag?

Kevin was pretty fucking hot! Dirty blonde hair, 6’2, blue eyes, with a body that resembled a Gladiator. Even though he was in a fraternity, I thought he was different, and boy was he different. One night I was sitting on the counter in the kitchen and he somehow wriggled his way in front of me to where I had pretty much straddled him to keep him close enough for conversation. He grabbed my face for one of those first kisses that made you feel like ripping your clothes off right then and there. But we were at a party and I’m not exactly an amateur porn star.

Is My Girlfriend A Whore?

21 Jul

Guest post! I love these! Thank you loyal anonymous reader…

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are not all necessarily that of redflag101. Thank you.

Don’t get it twisted, I do not discriminate. Whores are people too and once in awhile I do partake. I am half-human after all. This is a post for the guys that end up getting hurt and heartbroken from not catching these not so obvious *ahem* Red Flags early on and later cry “Why meeee?!” … “What did I do?!” … “How can she do this to me?!” … etc…


19 Jul

Is it me or do these peeps somehow fly under the radar? While they may be more passive in their manners of displaying it, hipsters are capable of reaching extreme levels of douchebaggery.


The common stereotype of a hipster is a skinny-jeaned, coffee sipping, obscure poetry reading, thick rimmed glasses wearing individual who prides themselves in their superior cultural taste, non-conformity, and ability to set and stay ahead of the popular trends. While none of these are necessarily Red Flags on their own, or automatically qualify someone as a hipster, they are pretty good reasons to warrant suspicion.

Why Do Assholes Finish First?

14 Jul

A simple question… Not such a simple answer.

At some point in almost every woman’s life, she will allow a man into her heart, and this decision will nearly destroy her. Truth be told, this man never really deserved her in the first place, and she had to find that out the hard way. She may have felt that man was her soul mate and was blinded by love. Or perhaps she thought it was as good as it gets and she settled just to have someone to love. Regardless of the reason, a relationship that wasn’t meant to be will usually end in heartbreak.