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Archive | May, 2011

Top 10 Red Flags Of A Minor League Dater

24 May

The following guest post is by contributing writer and LA Singles Examiner columnist Niki Payne. Niki is a writer, speaker and advisor on dating and relationship topics for young men and women. She helps frustrated singles get over heartbreak and navigate the murky waters of dating with their heads still intact. To learn more about Niki, visit

More Relationship Red Flags: Don’t Let Yourself Go

17 May

Fat GirlAll relationships start out with passion, infatuation, excitement and great sex. Unfortunately all of these aspects of a new relationship eventually and gradually fizzle out as the novelty begins to wear out and those stomach butterflies begin to disappear. When you’ve reached this point in a relationship with your partner you will start feeling more and more comfortable, and ultimately lack the need to impress your partner anymore.

Before you know it, it’s been four months since you last visited the gym, you’re wearing sweat pants out at night, and you haven’t trimmed your ball hairs in over a month. These are major relationship Red Flags that you are “Letting Yourself Go.”

Step Away From The Facebook…Thanks.

13 May

Due to the popularity of my most recent Facebook article, I figured I’d give a little more love to our favorite social network. This time I will concentrate on status updates.

Might as well get right into it. Here are a few of my favorite annoying status updates that I’ve seen these past few weeks:

Annoying Status #1: “Ok I’m NOT the [name removed so we don't get sued] that was Miss California in 199_ she’s like 30 now!!! Ugh! So many annoying confussions!!!”

Right. Cause EVERYONE sooo thinks that! Please get over yourself. Red Flag – Insecurity?

Dating and Relationship Advice 101: Don’t Be Lifeless!

4 May

Boring CatImportant dating and relationship advice for all men and women: Don’t Be Lifeless!

What does that mean exactly? Well, let’s say for example you’re out at a social gathering of sorts and you spot your buddy’s ex-girlfriend that you are still cool with. You walk over and say Hello to her and her friends, catch up a bit and so on.

You’re chatting away for a good five minutes when all of a sudden, out of the corner of your eye you notice that she has something that looks like a date standing next to her. In fact, this man has been standing there the entire time, without saying a word. He is just awkwardly standing next to the group being boring and a dud and…well…lifeless.