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Archive | March, 2011

My Date With A Pornstar

28 Mar

The interesting part about my date with Crissy Moran is that I had no idea who she was, let alone that at one time she was one of the most searched for pornstars on the internet, until the very END of our date… Surprise!

Let’s be honest here, a majority of guys have “Date a Pornstar” on their bucket list. I never expected to actually check this off mine. In Hollywood, it’s only a matter of time before you meet that familiar looking girl (hmmm, she looks familiar, I feel like I know her, but I’m not reaaally sure). This is how it came about for me. Except I didn’t recognize THIS girl at all… Red Flag for me! A little dating advice, do your homework!

Red Flag Of The Month Award – Rebecca Black

25 Mar

Rebecca Black receives the Red Flag of the Month Award


Bad taste in cars? Bad taste period.

23 Mar

Lets face it, Lambo doors and spoiler wings on a Honda Civic are two major Red Flags that a person has TERRIBLE TASTE. And terrible taste in things automotive can and will reflect in their taste in everything else (music, gifts for their girlfriend/wife, the way they dress, etc.)

This article will pertain mostly to women who are about to meet their man’s “ride” for the first time (being picked up for the first time to go on a date for example), and guys can use this as a guide of what not to do to your ride. Here are a few more Car Mods Red Flags.

Red Flag of the Week! (Reader Submitted)

21 Mar

Received this submission earlier this morning…

Hi Red Flag,

I was on a mini-vacation this weekend and when coming back to my hotel room after a day with my girlfriends (around 6pm), I stumble on this:

… Just some guy taking a nap in the hallway. I snapped a pic and ran…

Is this a Red Flag??? haha

Thank you, Erika

Hi Erika, yes this is definitely a RED FLAG and how NOT to get ahead in life… Thanks for sharing!



Have a RED FLAG (pic, story, anything) you would like to share?


Red Flag of the Day

18 Mar

Popped Collars.