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Archive | January, 2011

Burn Your RED FLAGS Down!

31 Jan

Value knowing over showing. If you are aware of RED FLAGS you potentially have, you will most certainly try to never tell or expose them to someone that you are interested in.

It’s not about being fake. It’s about giving yourself the right image you would want people to see and know you as.

You want someone to get the whole story about you, instead of jumping to conclusions and RED FLAGing you for something that may not have been in your control.

Making a Scene in Public… A BIG No No!

31 Jan

I feel like we’ve all been there before… The waiter gets the order wrong and your date tears them a new a$$hole.

Or you and your significant other get into an argument out in public, and they start huffing and puffing, yelling and screaming, and all of a sudden you have an audience.

This is a Major Red Flag!

Not only does this show bad class and terrible social behaviour, this may also be a preview of what can become a daily occurrance as the relationship progresses.

If your significant other is in the habit of losing their cool, Red Flag it, and proceed with caution.

Numerous Unpaid Parking Tickets… Red Flag!

31 Jan

I never thought that I would see this Red Flag more than once or even enough to make the All Time Top Ten List. Sure as shit, I have encountered this several times.

I’m sorry to say girls, this is all you! I truly can’t comprehend it. When good old car registration is due and you owe $300 or more in unpaid parking tickets, or your car is always being impounded/towed… Red Flag. This Red Flag reflects lack of responsibility as well as lazy ignorance… not to mention poor financial decision making.

Say No to Drugs!

31 Jan

This Red Flag can be both the product and cause of other Red Flags in an individual. Drug and alcohol problems almost always lead to lying, stealing, storytelling, and just all around crazy shit (pardon my language) happening within your relationship.

The “functioning” part of this is the key. You will not always be aware of your partner’s addictions right away. They often have had plenty of time and have developed “skill” in keeping everyone they know in the dark about their drug or alcohol abuse.

Chronic Lying… Top 10 RED FLAG!

31 Jan

If you catch your mate in several lies from the very start of your relationship- major Red Flag!  There should not be any reason to lie in the beginning of getting to know someone.  If you don’t have anything invested yet, then why lie?

If you start your relationship lying to your mate, you can almost guarantee that your relationship will be filled with lies.  Soon, there will be lies to compound previous lies and you will find yourself engaged in some sort of sick “story time” as your mate tries to keep his/her stories straight.